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David Sibbet

Dear Gisela: I so appreciate the time and attention you are taking with this kind of sharing. The old ways are disappearing so quickly and they are so important to sustain. Your sensitivity and courage is deeply inspiring. It's almost like being in circle with you!

Bill Veltrop

My dear Gisela,

What a magnificent adventure. I so appreciate your deep commitment to bridging across so many borders and barriers. I feel enriched by your two posts and look forward to following your journey.

Love and blessings,

Bill Veltrop

amy lenzo

You are really channeling some power here - in the last few posts particularly, Gisela, it's like you are preparing us to accompany you on this next part of your journey and I for one am really anticipating it. Thank you for this great generosity.

amy lenzo

Oh! And the painting is AMAZING!!!!

Propylene Glycol

Your painting is awesome...Really enjoyed reading your blog..

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