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amy lenzo

This is amazing, Gisela - deeply nourishing and exquisite. Thank you for bringing it to us.

Janet Aguilar

I 'see' and hear the land and other Earth Beings in the very Presence of 'That Old Man'...powerful medicine indeed! Thank you Gisela for sharing the profound and deeply moving experience(s) of the Ancient Wisdom of the Aboriginal People...


Amy and Janet, you are both welcome. It is my experience that being in the desert with people who grew up there, the nature spirits and the healing capacity of the natural environment is ever so much more present and accessible.

Toward the end of the video clip the feeling of this deep connection to the land is so exquisitely conveyed when the artist and the Aboriginal women next to him, a famous artist in her own right, sing to the painting and she says ever to hauntingly, "....our country".

Claire Jankelson

It was a deeply stilling and actually transforming experience just sitting in front of a screen and watching this piece. Thank you for offering it!

julian noel

Beautiful. The best representative piece of recording i have ever seen on Australian ingigenous culture. As a Maori, i feel seen and understood in my own country and feel the Pakeha (white new Zealanders) respect and understand my cultural heritage. having lived in Australia for many years i have always experienced 'Aboriginals' as forgotten people. They are tolerated, and pretty well non-events... unless they are great football players or run really fast... and have a palatable 'New Idea' personality. Australia cannot truly progress without honouring and appreciating the tangata whenua (people of the land) they hold a magic and special connection that unlocks a whole new experience. i so appreciate your blog. thank you.

Lisa Roberts

Watch the Old Man's expressions of connection to country is a transforming experience. Knowledge of connection to my place in Australia is strengthened. Thank you!

Gisela Wendling

Lisa, it is good to know that your connection to country is strengthened with the wisdom that Bill shares in this film. Thank you.

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